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Fleet Management Software

Do you really want to improve the efficiency of your company? Do you really want to make your systems updated for vehicles? Then using Fleet Management Software can add numerous advantages to operations of all the staff members. One of the biggest benefits is giving fleet managers’ confidence to lead forward. Additionally Fleet Management Software can help managers in removing the guess-work out of running their daily operations by providing them with data and information to make and backup of all their decisions.

Beyond simply tracking vehicles’ movements and locations, Futuresoft Technologies LTD’s Fleet Operation provides a wealth of vehicle data and analytics that creates actionable business intelligence. Equipped with more data, fleet operations have the prominenceto identify and capture opportunities for increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. That drives more companies to invest in Fleet Management System for their vehicles.

Find out how providing more data, maintenance solutions, and improved workflows can help managers lead their existing & new fleets with confidence, and are as follows:

1. Increased Data:

2. Preventative Maintenance Scheduling:

3. Real-Time Dashboards:

4. Improved Workflows & Journey Logs:

Except the above, Benefits Of Fleet Management Software includes Managing Fuel And Maintenance Costs, Maintaining Safe And Reliable Vehicles, Superb Reporting and Improvement of Driver Safety etc.

Also for affordable vehicle fleet and driver management, Fleet Management Software Features includes Boost Competence, Manage Journey Logs /Trips, Fuel Efficiency, Tyre Management, Historical Reporting, Integration with Finance, Vehicle Documents Expiry, Documents Management etc.

Thus Fleet Logistics Software guarantees fleet managers about the precarious information on each vehicle which is being stored so it can be easily accessed later. It also let manager know staff members, who are spending their time on important tasks instead of tracking down paperwork. To know more about this new age system, do visit us @ futuresoft.co.ke to know more about the system’s features and applications!

Find out how Futuresoft Fleet Management Software Solution can help your operation by contacting us today to Request A Free Demo.

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