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School Management Software

We are living in a 21st-century world which is rapidly getting digitalized where complicated workplaces and time-consuming activities or routines can be simplified with modern science & technology such as the inclusion of management software in their system to make the work faster, smoother & flexible.

School Management Software


The new way of completing work has so far had a landmark effect on all walks of life that also includes our educational sector especially the areas & departments that deals with managing a school. So the introduction of a management system will solve many issues like long queues, eradicating the need to go through paperwork & stockpiling them in storerooms and many more.

The requirements in this new age software have made the use of the traditional methods of managing a school completely obsolete. The School Management Software helps both the staff and the parents of a child reading in a particular school or any school. So today, we are going to learn how management software can help administrators of the school to work smartly:-

Transparency In School Management

School Management Software

One of the foremost Benefits Of School Management Software is Transparency. Students, as well as parents, are made aware of any new policy regarding the academics, school timetables, change of curriculum, change in school fees & various other matters that school management is bound to inform both parents & their wards.

Hence, through this tool, a parent is always well-informed& prepared in advance about the developments that are taking place inside the school of his or her child. Moreover, such transparency also helps the parents to know about the performance of their child.

Accessibility of School Management Software

School Management Software

Our software is user-friendly so even individuals without any technical knowledge or minimum computer skills can be able to access it.

Students can simply access it to just read their mark sheet and other personal information related to their performance in the academics. But they cannot make any changes in the data stored inside the software.

But in the case of admins who are the primary users have unlimited access that enables them to change even the nature of information shown on the dashboard of the school management software.   

Better Administration Of School Scholarly Process And Organization

School Management Software

Now it is an undeniable fact that our new & improved School Management Software can serve the purpose of maintaining & administrating the school’s scholarly procedure & organization in a better manner. The time & effort of the educators can be saved with systematic online tests & automated evaluation system that can make things easier for students & the administrators. 

Apart from that, it has various other functionalities such as student balance & demand notes, integrated library module, mark list & exam recording and database containing report cards & rating given by the teachers.

Additionally, the school administration gets relieved from the paperwork culture that is involved in admitting a student to the progress in the school academics. Now all such joining formalities can be completed with precision with the help of management software specially designed for schools.

Running The Operation With Just One Dashboard

School Management Software

With the Futuresoft’s School Management System in your hands, you'll be able to run the whole operation of the varsity from just one dashboard that has all the choices and options for acting tasks like front table management, student management system, field management system & administration management.

In addition to that, the automation of the entire school through management software brings all the departments to a single platform which can also be known as dashboard. Thus, it minimizes the time that gets wasted during the exchange of information.

An admin/user can access the information whenever needed making the entire flow of information smooth, convenient & integrated with the use of the online tool. Consequently reserved in an error-free environment.     

Keeps Parents Up To Date With Their Ward’s Progress In School

School Management Software

The Benefits Of School Management Software also includes helping the parents in getting knowledge about their child’s performance in the school. Through the software, parents will get regular updates from the school like results, attendance results, syllabus, photo gallery, and calendar as well as advance notice of key events of the school.

Seriously, this software is a boon & great help for all those parents who work around the clock for providing a better future for their kids. Every parent can easily access the software to know about the overall performance of their kids in the class and slowly encourage them to get some better scores and make the record impressive.

Additionally, you can also get the contact information about the teachers & other staff members who are known for imparting education to your child and after meeting with them a parent can be able to evaluate the ground situation & take necessary steps for their kids future.

Coordinated With Bulk SMS Software For Sending Explicit SMS Alerts

School Management Software


In case, the school wants to inform parents in advance about a parent-teacher meeting regarding the progress of their wards and they can use the feature of the ‘Bulk SMS’ of the School Management System to send necessary notifications.

You can also check-on the co-curricular activities of your kids that will be notified to you according to the academic calendar and you can give a surprise visit to the school to participate or cheer-up your kid during the ongoing event.

High-Level Security At The Application Level

School Management Software

This software can be accessed by an authorized user only who must have to be a system administrator of the school who has the authority to give access to the software. Besides that, all such software also possesses cloud back-up or separate hard drive back up.

Furthermore, the School Management Software will be using high-end security servers as well as inbuilt anti-hacking & anti-virus mechanism to protect it from any type of outside cyber hacks or break-ins.  

By installing this software, you can also get some upgraded security mechanisms for the School Management System that have the capability of notifying you in case any unauthorized entry is detected on your office computer insider your school premises.

Adaptable Pricing and Multiple Campus Management

School Management System


While buying the School Management System for your school the price is so reasonable &the nominal cost is nothing compared to the amazing features and advantages in the form of saving time & resource for the entire school management.

This software protects the privacy of students & teachers and helps in making online school fee payments in a hassle-free manner and also performs many other tasks at the same time by turning into perfect multitasking software.

Besides that, the campus management feature of this software can also analyze, compare & control data regarding students, multiple departments, professors, teachers, lecturers & administrative staff all at one place.

Practically Less Training Required

School Management System

This management software is practically user-friendly and quite easy to use. It also needs less training to get oriented with it. Most of the options will be on the main menu or dashboard so you will know what to do & how to operate it without facing many hassles.  

Furthermore making changes to any kind of current information is also quite simple with this software. Moreover, you can also access the data files of any department with ease.

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy individual to run this software. Even a normal individual with this basic computer knowledge& skills is enough to use this software with ease.

Reliable, Error Free And Demonstrated Quality

School Management System


This software is known for being reliable, error-free & demonstrates good quality in managing different functions related to the running operations of the school.

This also helps you in getting free from paper-based formalities and all the joining related details can be filled by the students in the online form and can be transferred further to software for the safekeeping.

Our School Management Software is well-designed in such a way that it will not crash due to heavy traffic. 

The advantages & qualities of School Management Software are immense and they are going to benefit lots of Kenyan schools, institutions & companies. Children and their parents in Kenya will be able to constantly stay in touch with the school regarding their growth of the children and in this way the dawn of a new era will rise in the countries like Kenya that are regarded as the third world countries.

Furthermore, we also produce several software products for different corporate sectors such as real estate, aviation & pharmacy at Futuresoft Technologies.  We are in the business of making software & ERP with many years of experience. To know more about us and our software please, visit us @ futuresoft.co.ke

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