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Fleet Management Software

With the ever-increasing price of the vehicles, originations are under pressure to utilize their fleet more efficiently and prolong in their daily life. 95 % of the fleet managers see the need to have a fleet management system to help increase their functionality, productivity and make a smart decision about their fleet.

Fleet Management Software

Managing a fleet of vehicles with a proper record can result in good decision making and increased profit. Fleet Management Software (FMS) is a web-based solution that can be easily obtainable through the application provided. It doesn’t require server recovery, server maintenance, and deployment costs. It can conveniently cater from 5 to 5,000 vehicles on a fleet.

Fleet Management Software works on the acquisition, maintenance, trip management, fuelling, and reporting. It provides total transparency, control, and prompt alerts add in optimizing your fleet operations. Fleet Management System comes with unique industry winning features that set its standard for fleet management solutions. It is intuitively packed and modules that put you miles ahead of the competition.

Here we are going to explain to you about Fleet Management Software so that you can use it with ease. These are 10 matrices that can be used in FMS:

1. Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

Fleet Management Software

As per the betterment of your organization, it’s very necessary to check the Daily Vehicle Inspection Report. This feature of the Fleet Management System can help you in understanding the health of the asset. It collects the complaint from the fleet and informs it to the alert manager. This process will give you a bit to bit information about your vehicle so that you will not miss any defect. As a result, this software will not lead you to failure.

2. Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Fleet Management Software

Futuresoft is having one of the Best Fleet Management Software that can even detect the trouble codes. So, you can easily resolve the part and start the work again without any loss in time. It also helps you to maintain a record of the default codes of the different fleet, in case you can easily detect which vehicle experience more problems so that you can keep maintain it on time.

3. Repair Turnover

Fleet Management Software

Repair turnover is always the key function of Fleet Management Software so that you can maintain the vehicles that kept in the shop for a long time. When vehicles are standing in your parking lot then it creates more loss than the working vehicle. As the vehicle doesn’t produce any revenue, so it’s necessary to maintain them too on time, as a result, you have to invest less money.

4. Fuel Management

Fleet Management Software

All vehicles need fuel to move from one place to another. So if you miss you miss to manage the fuel than you cannot calculate the total expenditure of your work. Therefore Fleet Management System also provides a fuel management feature in the application so that you will not miss any updates. It also alerts you before the fuel gets over so that you can refuel the vehicle, and work will run on the same flow.

5. Asset Utilization

Fleet Management Software

As you know that it’s too difficult to invest in a fleet, as it requires huge capital. So it will be better if you track the performance of your assets. This will also help you in generating huge revenue as maintaining everything at time. Here you can track the total performance of the asset, how many hours they worked, what distance they covered. As a result, these records will help you in exploring which vehicle is creating loss and how to gain profit out of it. So that you can sell out the vehicle that is not of any use.

6. Total Cost of Ownership

Fleet Management Software

One of the most challenging things to manage is the total cost of ownership. This is more important than any other matrices because here you can know about the profit and loss of managing the fleet. Knowing about the Total Cost Ownership will help you to maintain the vehicles at the proper time so that your business can run smoothly. It collects all the data like the total expenditure, vehicle maintenance, and total business covered and return of investment. As a result, you can calculate the total profit of your business.

7. GPS and Telemetric

Fleet Management Software

One of the most important features of Fleet Management Software is GPS and Telemetric. Here GPS is used to track the accurate location of the fleet whereas Telemetric help in visualizing the act of asset so that you can easily track their health and performance. As a result, you can change them before suffering any damage.

8. Accidents and Safety

Fleet Management Software

If a simple accident occurs with fleet then you can experience a huge loss. Whereas safety is maintained in every critical condition of the fleet then it will be more profitable. So add the driver management system to your Fleet Management System. It will help in maintaining safety as well as information about the health of the driver. This software also helps in recalling the problems of the vehicles; as a result, you can keep tracking the total expenditure of the fleet.

9. Technician Productivity

Fleet Management Software

Best Fleet Management Software doesn’t mean only tracking the performance of the vehicle and driver. It is also necessary to track technician productivity because it will inform you about the time your vehicle needs to repair. It also explores the progress that the technician has done, as well as the total expenses and time, is taken by the fleet. Thus, as a result, you will face less loss. 

10. Performance Metrics

Fleet Management Software

Performance is one of the prime things of Fleet Logistics Software because here it is necessary to measure the total performance of the fleet. The performance metrics can be checked after all the processes are done. This will also help in considering real-time and past data, As a result, you can track out all the essential records that are necessary to know about the revenue gained after every month.

Managing the fleet is a bit critical task. So, for the better performance of a business, you can use Fleet Management Software. This software is having these 10 matrices to make your fleet management more comfortable. I hope you can understand these matrices. For any query, you can contact Futuresoft.

We Futuresoft is one of the proactive IT companies. All our software is of management system so if you need any help regarding the management you can contact us @ futuresoft.co.ke/contact-us or for the latest updates you can join with us at facebook.

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