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fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software

Currently, we are living in a world where mid & large size companies are operating as well as depend on logistics that can help in keeping track of important information about your vehicles. It also helps in tracking cargos both in dry & liquid forms managing masses, volumes & densities.  

Thus, our Fleet Management Software is a solution to help large scale enterprises to manage, organize & co-ordinate their vehicles from a central data platform. The main objective of using this tool is to keep the fleet operating smoothly by reducing costs & improving performance etc.   

To understand this software better, you have to go through the benefits that it has in store for us, such as:-       

Enhancing The Safety Of The Driver

driver safety

Our Fleet Management System ensures that the people drive the vehicles of a particular company are safe. Poorly, maintained vehicles are capable of endangering drivers. Hence the software ensures to maintain the safety of the vehicles by providing daily alerts to the owner of the company or the in-charge of the company’s fleet that helps them not only know about the problem but also to take all the necessary action to solve them.       

Real-Time Visibility Of All Data

The real-time visibility of all data of the fleet authorizes the company to make some real-time changes as it needs to hit the target matrix. Moreover, daily reports can only capture a stationary view of your operational strengths which means the changes will occur only after getting the facts about your fleet.         

 Improved Insurance Benefits

insurance benefits

Over Fleet Management Software are numerous other benefits. Any company that has installed this specialized software can provide several other financial advantages through insurance as well. You can just ask your insurance company to know if they are supporting discounts based on the utilization of fleet management systems or not.           

Tighter Security

The Fleet Management System provides an additional advantage and it is none other than the security system of the software itself.  Thus, the applications of the system can be deployed using commercial intranet-based services that stay within the boundaries of the corporate firewall stating that such a sophisticated system is secure from unauthorized users.           

Fuel Management


This well-programmed software is also capable of providing & managing fuel for effectively controlling & managing the needs of the erratic vehicles. Like this, you can always keep the fleet on stand mode to take and complete the work orders.      

Easily Integrate New Vehicles Into Your Fleet

Believe it or not, but the software also assists in integrating new vehicles into the fleet. The existing maintenance schedule for any vehicle in the fleet of the company can be copied & applied for integrating newly purchased vehicle as well. Like this, the time required to incorporate a new vehicle into the fleet gets immensely reduced and even the input information about the new vehicle into the fleet maintenance software get lessened.       

Reduce Labour Costs

labor cost reduced

Last, but not least, this software also helps in reducing labour costs. With the GPS facility oriented fleet management system, you will never have to worry or have a second guess to know the location of the driver with the deliveries. With the help of this system, you can make your drivers accountable and can ensure that they are not wasting time on the road.  

With Fleet Management Software, numerous companies can be able to make their work hassle-free. Now all those companies who have large fleets can make their drivers safe & accountable. To know more, please visit us @ https://www.futuresoft.co.ke/.

To know more about our software products please visit our page @ https://www.futuresoft.co.ke/blog/.

For placing orders or making an inquiry, please visit us @ info@futuresoft.co.ke.

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