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School Management Software

The education sector is the core reason how an entire country fares in an all-round development chart. Thus for better development, the foundation & the infrastructure regarding the education must be strong.

School Management Software

In the 21st century, the education sector regarding several countries is not in shape especially when it comes to Kenya such as high population & untenable utilization of resources. 

In such a situation managing the education system in Kenya is very challenging and such a condition can be diffused by using an upgraded School Management Software.

Now, here is the list of the challenges & how the upgraded software can help you:-        

1. What Are The Challenges That Comes In Managing A Modern School Today?

In most of the countries of the world particularly in Kenya, here are some of the grave challenges that are affecting the schools in Kenya today:-

What Are The Challenges That Comes In Managing A Modern School Today?

a) Paper-Based Procedures:- Today’s educational institutions & their systems are burdened by cumbersome paperwork & manual procedures & it is completely difficult to maintain the records regarding the attendance, fees, admissions & transport.

b) Standing In Long Queue:- Students have to stand in long lines for hours to pay their dues. With the inclusion of our management software, students will not have to face the hassles any more as the software will help in clearing the dues more easily & rapidly.  

c) Admission & Enrolment:- Colleges & universities are finding it hard to achieve admission & enrolment targets and with the assistance of our software the process of admitting & enrolling students can get smooth & efficient.     

2. Designing Your School Management System As Per This Modern Day Requirements

To face the challenges, your School Management System must have the following features:-

Designing Your School Management System As Per This Modern Day Requirements

a) The software can manage the entire registration process of students which the users can further use it to easily add, modify & view modules.

b) The software management also keeps a complete track record of student’s profile & history such as his co-curricular & academic achievements. It can also help in tracking the progress of the students & view their mark sheets. 

c) It also helps in checking the stationery items available in inventory and helps in keeping it updated such as notebooks, books, pens, chalks and various other items.

3. Digitalise Your School Management System By Using School Management Software

Hence with the integration of our School Management Software, you can revolutionize your school management & infrastructure system and will enable you & other members of the faculty do several things such as:-

Digitalise Your School Management System By Using School Management Software

a) It empowers teachers greatly through the e-learning platform.

b) Such as software also helps both the parents & students in the connectivity loop at all times through SMS, E-mail & mobile apps.     

c) This software helps in reducing the paper waste significantly especially generating e-reports in a click of a button.    

4. Smart Tools Of School Management Software

Our software dealing with School Management System has various tools in its closet that helps the school administration to do various jobs such as:-

Smart Tools Of School Management Software

a) Assisting to save & store the detailed bio-data of all the students.

b) Storing student balances & demand notes.

c) Maintaining mark list & exam records.

d) Analysing the scores & results of the exam.

e) Making report cards & rating the performance of teachers.

f) Creating the timetable for the block & the teachers.

g) Producing & keeping standard account reports.

h) Making a profit & loss report for the admin.

i) Creating student invoicing, credit notes and receipts.

j)  Provision for emailing demand notes & receipts.    

5. Advantages Of Using School Management Software

There are numerous Benefits Of School Management Software that are as follows:-

Advantages Of Using School Management Software

a) Through the school management software, both students & parents can track the information related to the progress & performance related to their ward’s school’s academic session.       

b) It also notifies the parents about the due & paid fee details, teacher-parent meetings, library dues, report cards, examinations and many more with this awesome software module.

c) Our school management system also contains well managed & non-redundant information about its entire teaching & non-teaching staff including students & parents. Apart from that, retrieving & updating this data is also so much easier.  

d) This vital software also retrieves all the data to make one critical decision related to all the processes of the school in just one dashboard. The software is also password-protected so that every team member with a unique username & password can access it.

e) This software can help to generate monthly & yearly report in just one click. These reports also include profit & loss statement, inventory reports, student ageing report, exam reports etc.       

Apart from all these benefits, Our School Management Software also enables easy & faster communication as well as store & manages information efficiently. Such a tool eases the pressure of clearing the entire backlog for the faculty members of the school administration. This software also helps in dealing with the stuff like fee structure, school term, exam, report form, time table as well as many other things. To know more about the software, visit us @ futuresoft.co.ke.  

To make an inquiry about our software product or for placing an order, please email us @ info@futuresoft.co.ke.


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