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Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software targets enterprises operating in the logistics industry can help you keep track of important information about your vehicles. It helps track cargo both in dry and liquid forms managing masses, volumes and densities.

Fleet Management Software (FMS) is a solution that helps companies and organizations to manage, organize, and coordinate their vehicles from a central data platform. The goal here is to keep the fleet operating smoothly by reducing costs, improving performance etc.

Tracking deliveries – through seals management and quality/quantity management.

Managing timelines in terms of drivers, loading and offloading durations, delivery durations and their efficiencies.

Interlinked operations module with fuel module – both instances where the organization either has an internal fuel pump or purchasing fuel from other fuel pumps. Each fuel purchase/issue is linked to a journey log/trip.

Interlinked maintenance module with accounts, operations and stocks module – for each journey log, the vehicle adds up kilometres covered reducing the service duration. For any vehicle repair, a jobcard is raised from which stock items can be issued against it. On approval, it affects stocks and finance modules among others.

Benefits Of Fleet Management Software includes Managing Fuel And Maintenance Costs, Maintaining Safe And Reliable Vehicles, Superb Reporting and Improvement of Driver Safety etc.

For affordable vehicle fleet and driver management, Fleet Management Software Features includes Boost Competence, Manage Journey Logs /Trips, Fuel Efficiency, Tyre Management, Historical Reporting, Integration With Finance, Vehicle Documents Expiry, Documents Management etc.

Fleet Management System is benefitted in many ways. So get FUMAS 24 from Futuresoft Technologies LTD for best features & benefits!

Fleet Mangement System


  • Documents management – the system allows management of documents for staff and vehicles. It facilitates renewal tracking and alerts by giving alert emails to the responsible personnel days before their expiry.
  • Full integration with finance module – the system is fully integrated with multicurrency financial module.
  • Full integration Logistic Module..
  • Full integration Tyre Module.
  • Full integration Fuel Module.
  • Exchange rate Tracking.
  • Repairs and Job Cards Tracking/Workshop and Maintenance.
  • Full integration Licences Reminders Module
  • Full integration Administration of accidents register and legal cases Module
  • Fully Customized reports for all the modules to fit clients – needs.
  • Full integration with HR and Payroll system allowing easy staff management.
  • Drivers master Master details.
  • Trip Analysis/Jouney Logs.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Accidents Master.
  • Legal Cases Master and Updates.
  • Drivers master Master details.
  • Issues to Vehicles and Trucks.
  • Tyres Movement Tracking.
  • Consignments and Loading.
  • Fuel LPO and Issues.
  • Tyres Master Details.
  • Tyres Inspection and Scrap.
  • Truck Master Details.

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