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School Management Software

School Management Software is a window based on administrative and management software exclusively for schools and other educational institution. Its aim is to manage the day to day work processes. It needs an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, passion, and commitment to deliver an ever-lasting experience for the students and parents. So with the modernization of technology, you should take a step towards the digital transformation of your school.

Having Too Much Work Pressure To Run Your School?

School Management Software

Here Comes Colemis, it is a window based management and administrative software designed by Future Soft Technologies Ltd to help the schools to run efficiently. Colemis is one of the Best School Management Systems.

The Complete School Management Software

Here are some of the modules which would help to reduce management hassles and workload:

School Management Software

We have designed versatile software capable of storing all the data and also helps in faster communication, information management, transparency. It also helps to control different management like Student Management, Academic Management, Fee management, Library management, Report Management, and Exam analysis. It provides us with some 15 modules for the proper and easy maintenance of your school.

1. Student

2. Fee

3. Exam

4. Sms

5. Certificate

6. Transport

7. Account

8. Inventory

9. Admin

10. Attendance

11. Id Card

12. Exam Result

13. Setting

14. Bell

15. Help

Benefits Of School Management Software……

Here are some of the benefits which would be available to you if you use Colemis

Benefits Of School Management Software

1. Cost EffectiveThe money you pay for this software is nominal when compared to the hundreds of benefit you get from it. The cost is less as compared to what you could get when you had to manually do it.

2. Time-Saving One of the most essential parts of using this software is that it saves a lot of time. You can retrieve, trace, and analysis in a fraction of time, which helps in smooth management.

3. Highly Effective WorkflowColemis is a highly effective workflow that is easy and faster communication, efficient information management, run the school operation, information tracking and many more.

Find School Management Software Solutions With Easy Options…

Find School Management Software Solutions

1. Easy To Install And Set Up: This Colemis software is easy to install and it literally takes 5 minutes to set up this. It takes a few minutes to get started and run smoothly.

2. Simple User Interface: This software has easy or very simple user interface. It has no complex steps to run it. So it can be used by each and every person quite easily.

3. Easy To Take Data Backup: Worried about your data getting deleted? Then don’t worry, you can easily backup all the information on your software to your drive or anywhere you want.

4. Easily Run In Network Mode: The Colemis software is specifically designed to run in network mode. You can alter the settings to the mode you find preferable to use.

5. 24/7 Helpdesk Support: We at Future Soft are always at your doorstep, you can contact us at 24/7 we would be glad to help you with your queries.

6. Auto Data Backup Request: You can also auto backup your data by requesting on the menu and then every time you upload new data it would be auto backed up.

7. Secure WithLogin Password: For your privacy, we also have the login password without which you cannot open the account and retrieve any information. So in this way, all your data are safe with us.

8. Price That Suits Budget: The Colemis software is designed to suit the general budget that an institution’s fixes for its management. We provide budget friendly software.

9. Full Technical Support: Colemis Software comes with all the technical assistance needed by you to successfully run your school through our School Management Software. You at any point of time can ask for technical assistance and we would be glad to help you.

To Be Considered While Selecting The School Management Software

Selecting The School Management Software

1. Security Of Data: We use a highly secured server cloud that keeps all your data secure and safe. The security is such that the information or data shall be visible to the authorized member of your institution.

2. Easy Managing Task: Colemis is an optimized School Management Software, which makes it possible for everyone to access all the functions easily. Our team is known for developing user-friendly software for the client so it is efficiently used.

3. Environment-Friendly: Colemis software is environmental friendly software as it reduces the paperwork. We use a secure digital cloud to store information digitally which earlier was done by pieces of paper.

4. Customer Support: One of the most important services that Colemis software provides is the excellent customer support which can be available anytime and anywhere.

5. Reporting: Colemis has a number of reporting options which make it have greater chances to get the specific information you need to have.

It Allows User To Easily Handle These Things

Easily Handle These Things

1. Manage Class: The users with very few steps can manage the classes. It comes with a lot of function for easy management of classes.

2. Manage Subject: Another interesting thing you can do is that you can manage your subjects. You can keep a track on what you have taught and check on your progress.

3. Manage Syllabus: You can also have access to your syllabus to check how far you have completed.

4. Lesson Planner: Lesson planner lets you plan on which lesson to first study and how much focus shall we give on the lesson.

5. Monthly/Weekly Planner: This helps to check your progress on a monthly or weekly basis about how far you have gone with your planning and all.

6. Complaints Report: You can also have access to all the complaints issued and have they been resolved yet or not.

7. Attendance Report: It helps to maintain the attendance of the class to keep a track on when who comes and when who is absent.

8. Enrol Admissions: You can also enrol for admission using Colemis Software. You can apply and also know how many have applied and checked the status of your application.

9. Timetable: Timetable is one of the most important plans or list that shows the times in a week at which particular subjects are taught.

10. Mark Lists: To prepare the mark list of the students by uploading the marks secured by the various students.

11. Hostel Room Allocations: You can easily allocate your hostel rooms using this software and know which room is occupied by which children.

12. View Attendance Details: It lets you know the details of your attendance on a monthly and weekly basis.

13. Exam Details: You can also keep a track on which date is your exam is going to be conducted and all other details regarding the syllabus and many more using this.

14. Fee Details: Fee details can also be provided through the software to know about what is the total fee.

15. Transportation Details: Travelling in school transportation? So to keep a track on the days you used it and is the transportation available or not can be known through this software.

Our Business Available

School Management Software

We at Future Soft have successfully established our software in various countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zambia. We have a lot of institutions covered in these countries. So check out for your country and if it is not there, don’t worry we are expanding our business and soon might reach your country.

So here are some of the tips you should consider while buying your School Management Software. Investing in a good School Management System is a business requirement these days as it will systematize every academic process efficiently. We at Future Soft have designed the perfect window based management and administrative software for your school. For more information, you can check out our site https://www.futuresoft.co.ke/

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