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School Management Software

School Management Software is a Windows-based administrative and management software exclusively for schools and other educational institutions. Our Online School ERP Solutions Colemis aims to streamline day to day work processes like gathering and maintaining students bio data, provision of school time table, payment of staff members etc.

Colemis is an easy to use but powerful system for windows based educational institutions like colleges, schools and universities. School Management System will provide connected-integrated solution which reduces work for stake holders, accountants, teachers, administrators and everyone on the school administration.

It centralizes the mountains of data to information and automates administrative functions. This eases communication and information needs of the entire school community in real time.

It is a managements system, the first truly scalable package with the power to revolutionize the way that educational institutions are managed.

School Management Software Objective

Its objective is to reduce management hassles and decrease workload, while increasing efficiency and production. Our goal is to effectively minimize cost by providing a customizable solution that is up to standard.

Top Benefits Of School Management Software includes Information Tracking, Easy And Faster Communication, Efficient Information Management, Transparency, Run The School Operation From One Dashboard, Generate Reports In One Click, Password Protected Access, Value For Money etc.

Also the School Management Software Features are convent to control different area of management like Student Management, Academic Management, Inventory Management, Fee Management, Library Management, Report Management and Exam Analysis etc. So Click to see real benefits and features on our web!

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School Management System


  • Provision of detailed Student bio data.
  • Provision of student statement of account.
  • Provision of Student balances and demand notes.
  • Provision of mark list and Exam recording.
  • Provision of exam analysis and result.
  • Provision of report cards and Teachers rating.
  • Provision of Timetable-(Block and teachers timetable).
  • Provision of integrated library module.
  • Provision of fully integrated stock/Inventory control system.
  • Provision of a standard accounts reports.
  • Provision of Fully integrated accounting system
  • Provision Profit and Loss report.
  • Provision of Student aging analysis.
  • Provision of Student Invoicing, Credit notes and receipting.
  • Emailing of Demand notes and Receipts.
  • SMS module integrated.

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