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Things To Consider While Selecting The Real Estate Management Software

Here are the seven of the most important things you should consider when you search for a Property Management Software solution. 7 Key Things To Consider While Selecting The Real Estate Management Software includes Tenants Invoicing And Receipts Management, Reporting, Customer Data Base, SMS And E-Mail Functionality, Scalability, Backup and Password Encrypted Access etc.

1. Tenants invoicing and receipts management

It should be able to hold tenant records, do invoicing and receipting.

2. Reporting

When choosing the right real estate management system, you should look out if it has a strong reporting module built in.
Reports can be separated into three categories:

  • Production Reports: to understand how your property is
  • Financial Reports: help you understand what amount of money is coming in and going out through different transactions.
  • Daily Activity Reports:

3. Customer Data Base

Having customer profiles and information in an organized database will help you keep track of personal information to make their real estate

4. SMS and E-mail Functionality

Not only should the software store all the records of tenants and payment details, it should also have SMS and e-mail functionality to enable you to communicate with tenants and team members to notify them about work orders.

5. Scalability

The chosen payroll must anticipate with your future needs. It should be flexible at scaling up features and must stand the test of time and match your growth pace.

6. Backup

It should have well backup structures which should be scheduled and done offsite.

7. Password encrypted Access

The data stored are highly confidential and central to the organization. So the software should take proper measure to flag unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. A unique combination of username and password should be given to each member.

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