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Features Of Real Estate Management Software

In today’s era, there are many Real Estate Management Software options and functionalities. No matter what type or size of property you operate, there is likely a solution for your business to be proceed smoothly. The eight Features Of Real Estate Management Software listed below are the most basic and important in today’s ever-changing market.

Accounting And Budgeting

Easyestate management system is fully integrated with financial module. It implements efficient bookkeeping workflows and handles bank reconciliations, financial reporting like profit and loss and balance sheet.

Rent Payment Processing

The software eases the task of rent payment and its management. Collection of rent from tenants in a regular and efficient manner is one most important feature of the estate management software. Most of them provide their users with online payments methods like mpesa.

Tenant Management

With the help of the software, one can easily create a tenant database. The tenant database might include the following categories-

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Service and payment history
  • Rent schedules
  • Plan renewals

Document Management

Essential documents like the lease agreements, official notices, insurance papers and other documents can be easily handled by the software.

Landlord Expenses And Payments Management

Landlord expenses and payments are well catered for in the software

Landlord Statement

Easyestate provided with well outlined landlord statement which outlines payable, deducted and paid to landlord account

Water/Electricity Billing Management

Where there are metered water of electricity, this can be easily handled by the software.

Additional features

  • Notifications and alerts management
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Integration with third-party softwares
  • SMS and E-mail

Whether you manage property or you hire a professional to take care of the business for you, Futuresoft Technologies LTD offers the top Benefits Of Real Estate Management Software. Start getting the Features Of Real Estate Management Software and Schedule Your Free Demo to get the best of software for your business.

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