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Things To Consider While Choosing HR And Payroll Software

Choosing HR And Payroll Software depends on several factors. The software comes in different packages. Most of them are bundled with HRM, ERP or an accounting system. Before committing to Payroll Software you need to ensure about the following points.

1. Needs of your organization

You have to pinpoint the needs of your organization and select a payroll software based on your organization’s requirements. Things to consider when selecting a payroll and HR software are:

  • Size of your organization
  • Budget
  • Systems and softwares already installed
  • Expectations
  • Storage (either in-house server or cloud server)

2. Provision of forms and payslips

The software should have provisioning capability and provide provisions for a number of forms related to income, deduction, codes, disputes, grievances, codes etc. This ensures seamless work flow, uncomplicated staff management, and prompt payments and deductions.

3. Regulatory compliance

Make sure the payroll software does not break any tax laws, local regulations or social security requirements. Also, check if the software is able to set right wage deductions, generating required reports, and adjusting presentation reports for government agencies.

4. Scalability

The chosen payroll must anticipate with your future needs. It should be flexible at scaling up features and must stand the test of time and match your growth pace.

5. Integration

The payroll system should be a part of a large system like ERP, HR or accounting. The payroll software must integrate with more or less all the applications of the organization including sales, recruitment, timesheets, ledger and reporting tools. The file export-import should run with standard formats like JPEG, CSV, DOC, PDF and TXT.

6. Remote Accessibility

Check whether the software has remote accessibility feature or not which means you can access the data from anywhere in the world.

7. Password encrypted Access

The data stored are highly confidential and central to the organization. So the software should take proper measure to flag unauthorized access and fraudulent activities. A unique combination of username and password should be given to each member.

8. Backup

It should have well backup structures which should be scheduled and done offsite.

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