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Features Of HR And Payroll Software

HR And Payroll Software offers lots of different features and advantages – for the user, the employees and the company. The Features Of HR And Payroll Software includes the below…..

Employee Life cycle Management

Monitor and manage your entire workforce from joining to leaving in one dashboard. Enter all the required bio data and documents and manage them with ease. The software also facilitates the provision of recruitment, selection, and induction process.

Leave management

The software also allows employees to submit leave claims. The module monitors the leave balance and in the meanwhile, the manager can review such requests and inform employees about the approved or declined claims, whatever be the case. If approved, the software calculates the deduction in the monthly or weekly wage of the employee.

Income tax and deductions

Both pre- and post-tax deduction operations can be performed by the payroll software. The module helps the manager to comply with different state and other social security requirements.


The software acts a central repository of multiple employee records and their related documents like profiles, offer letter, experience letter, organizational charts and others.


The chosen payroll is designed to scale with your future needs. It is flexible at scaling up features and stands the test of time and match your growth pace.


The payroll system should be a part of a large system like ERP, HR or accounting. The payroll software must integrate with more or less all the applications of the organization including sales, recruitment, timesheets, ledger and reporting tools. The file export-import should run with standard formats like JPEG, CSV, DOC, PDF and TXT.

Error Free Records

The software manages to produce great outputs that include wage calculation, tax, deductions, pay slips and other back-end processes important for any enterprise.

Time And Resource Saving

The features streamline the entire HR process and save both time and manpower which can be invested in other productive areas.

HR And Payroll System is one of the most confidential data of any organization. So, Things To Consider Before Choosing HR And Payroll Software for your organization. Schedule Your Free Demo for HR And Payroll Software with Futuresoft Technologies LTD today!

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