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School Management Software FAQs

Futuresoft’s School Management Software FAQs aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity.

Q1. What’s the proficiency needed to such software? Does the staff require special training to use the software?

Little computer literacy is mandatory but it’s not required for anyone to be an expert in operating computers in order to use the school management system software. Though, it does require a few hours to understand the whole working mechanism of the school software.

Q2. How is the cost calculated for the schools?

The cost of using such software is generally calculated based on the number of users and number of students.

Q3. What data can the software store?

The software is designed to cater to all the requirements of a school. So you can store all the data and documents that your school is currently processing like students bio data, attendance, payments, results, library, inventory etc.

Q4. Is the software integrable with third-party softwares?

Yes, you can integrate it with other softwares and get real time data under one dashboard.

Q5. Can I communicate with other team members in this software?

Colemis has a SMS Module functionality which enables you to communicate with team members.

Q6. Can I use this software for multiple schools?

The software is highly scalable which means you can add team members and accounts as the size of the school grows or you open a new school in a different location.

Q7. What reports can the software generate?

Based on the input data, the software can generate Profit and Loss statements, student aging report, standard account reports, exam result reports, student balance report etc. in one click.

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