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Real Estate Management Software FAQs

Real Estate Management Software FAQs answer the financial, operational, and administrative tasks associated with leasing and rental management. The frequently asked questions includes the cost, features, payment system, benefits, reporting protocols, time to be taken set up and run etc.

How much does real estate property management software cost?

Prices vary depending upon some key factors like number of team members and modules that you will take. Contact us for receiving a free quote for your business requirements.

What are some common real estate property management software features?

Common features of EASYESTATE include:

  • Lease and Tenant management
  • Tenant Document Management
  • Automatic Penalty Generation for overdue
  • General ledger and accounting
  • Maintenance management
  • SMS and e-mail functionality for communication

Will I be able to track deposits, monthly dues, and other payments in this software?

Yes, you can set up payment amount and dates for each tenant you leased and keep track of it. Send invoices and communicate with tenants directly from the software.

What are the benefits of using estate management software?

Real estate property management software optimizes leasing and rental management for property managers and tenants. Real estate property management systems also offer bulk and automated emailing, letting managers communicate with tenants quickly and easily.

What are the different types of reporting protocols in this software?

Reports can be separated into three categories:

Production Reports: to understand how your property is operating.

Financial Reports: help you understand what amount of money is coming in and going out through different transactions.

Daily Activity Reports: maintains a track of arrival, departure, and in-house recor

How much time it will take to set it up and run at our premises?

Depending upon the software compatibility and requirements, EASYESTATE can be set up in a day and used from the next day onwards.

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