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POS & Stock Management Software

POS Software is a simple, user-friendly stock/inventory integrated with accounts system.

Point Of Sale Software is checkout locations in business operations where transactions occur. The POS terminal is a computer used as a cash register, and it is also what makes long-lasting inventory control systems possible.

FUMAS is a simple, user friendly stock/inventory integrated with accounts system.

A business owner will be able to manage his/her business with the aid of this system getting reports on Daily sales, Stock level as at a particular date, sales per sales man/woman, Profit and loss, balance sheet.

FUMAS POS keeps track of stock in real time. The Inventory Management Software is ideal for Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Retailers, Restaurant, Bookshops, Chemist, Spare part, Hardware, Cosmetic shops.

FUMAS POS also facilitates credits sales through invoice sales and cash sale through mobile money, credit cards and EFT. it has the capability of a multi -currency financial module.

Reports Module Functionalities

  • Daily sales report.
  • Stocks movement report.
  • Stocks transaction stocks levels as at.
  • Stocks issue report.
  • Goods received note (GRN).

Benefits Of Point Of Sale Software includes Accurate Operation, Analysis, Affordability, Greater Inventory Tracking and Accuracy, Less Paper Work and Better Reporting Functionalities etc.

Also discover the key Features Of POS Software, including Integration capability, Sales reporting and analytics, Customer management and sales history, Inventory tracking, rack inventory in multiple locations, Employee management, Fully Integrated accounting module and Security Features etc.

POS Software provides the best system generated reports, Stock level, Profit and loss, balance sheet etc. Stock Management Software, Inventory Management Software, Hotel Management Software are the part of Point Of Sale Software to manage entire retail business in a better way. So find FUMAS POS with customer reviews, pricing and free demos from Futuresoft Technologies LTD today!

POS & Stock Management System

Stocks Management Module Functionalities

  • Stock Item Master.
  • GRN Receiving.
  • Suppliers Master.
  • Clients Receipting/Prepayment.
  • Supplier Receipting/Prepayment.
  • Cash Sales.
  • Stock serialization and labeling.
  • Stocks issuing to different departments.
  • Client Master.
  • Clients Allocation.
  • Supplier Allocation.
  • Petty Cash.
  • Stocks categorization and grouping.
  • Inter store department.
  • Price List.
  • Clients Credit Notes.
  • Supplier Credit Notes.
  • POS.
  • Purchase Orders.
  • Chart of Accounts.
  • Clients invoicing.
  • Supplier invoicing.
  • Journals.
  • POS Returns.

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