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Features Of POS Software

POS Software can have a number of features depending on the requirements of the user and the industry it will be used for. Most POS software comes with integrated modules in comprehensive ERP software packages. You can also find a few of them being sold as standalone solutions.Find the Features Of POS Software to get the realinsights about thesoftware with various attributes and details!

Features of POS software include-

Integration Capability

Every POS system must be capable of smooth integration with all sorts of business systems and apps that you might use such as- accounting software or e-commerce solutions. This will help you manage all the different tasks and processes from within your system. The POS software you use must also be able to integrate your existing hardware components.

Sales Reporting And Analytics

This feature of the POS software allows you to capture and analyze all the vital and mandatory data available on product sales as well as revenue rates and ROI. You can, in turn, determine which products need more marketing efforts, or better sales-boosting strategies.

Customer Management And Sales History

All POS systems maintain and store a customer’s full purchase history that can be accessed on the dashboard of your software. You can access information about any customer anytime and gauge who among them are your most valuable and frequent visitors.

Every transaction is recorded to the system for easy access. Sales documents can be re-printed or emailed to customer at any time

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is useful if you have multiple branches or proper storage facilities. A POS system will inform you if you have enough stocks in your store or other branches and will alert you through notifications if more stocks are needed for your business.

Track Inventory In Multiple Locations

For each location, you can see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, and your reorder point. The system will automatically calculate which items you need to restock

Employee Management

This feature of the POS allows you to efficiently manage all your employees’ time and optimize productivity by keeping track of when and what your employees have been working on.

Fully Integrated Accounting Module

Track petty cash usage

Banking and bank reconciliation

Merge GRNs, LPOs, delivery notes and the invoices

Outstanding/ Partially paid invoice report

Sales Reports (daily/weekly/monthly ,Department wise/Item wise/Date wise)

Aging Analysis (Schedule) for both payables and receivables

Security Features

Manage employee access- Control what data your employees can access with employee passcodes. Keep tabs on who sold and refunded what.
Maintain log of any activity in the system recorded by date and Time.

Day wise automatic backup facility.

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