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What Is Real Estate Management Software

Real Estate Management Softwares, like the EASYESTATE, streamlines the everyday business process of small, big, and mid-sized real estate agencies. It helps managers and landlords manage all their residential and commercial properties under one roof in an accurate manner.

Easy to install and deploy, the Property Management Software can be used from the day one itself. Enjoy the customizable features; easy to navigate UI and cost-effectiveness of EASYESTATE makes it an ideal choice for many real estate owners and agencies in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

How does it help your Real Estate business?

Manages All The Customer’s And Tenant’s Biodata

You can store important contact information such as names, email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers in one place. The concerned can also edit search, cross-reference and track data across fields.

Contract And Transaction Management

The software helps you upload all the contracts and share access to them with individuals who are involved in the transactions. In this way, the software helps you manage deadlines for transactions.

Track Payment Dates And Generate Invoice

Mention the payment dates once and track it every month. Generate invoices against them in one click and send them to your tenants. The software also has automatic penalty generation and collection feature.

Communicate Via SMS And E-Mail Features

The SMS and e-mail feature of EASYESTATE enable you to communicate with tenants and team members and notify them about pending or further work orders .

Seamless Integration With Other Software’s

The software is made to integrate with other third-party software and applications that the company might be using. This allows you to control your entire real estate business from one dashboard.

Real Estate Management Software provides significant benefits which allow accessing real-time information and also saving time & money. Benefits Of Real Estate Management Software includes Easier To Monitor Finances, Efficient Property Management, Simple Accounting, Save Valuable time, Quick Access, Superb Security & Convenient Storing Documents etc.

All of these Features Of Real Estate Management Software along with many others increase productivity and make the real estate team more organized. Contact Futuresoft Technologies LTD today to Schedule Your Free Demo for EASYESTATE!

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