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POS Software FAQs

The following POS Software FAQS can guide you as you evaluate whether to purchase a POS:

Can I analyze customer data with a POS?

Sales reports and customer details organized by the POS user can be retrieved efficiently with the software, and most systems organize the entered information into organized reports with customized categories that show optimized comparisons which in turn help you in applying the data to future planning.

Is it necessary to buy the POS software and hardware from the same vendor?

A vendor may offer a discount for purchasing a software and hardware/terminal package.

Is it possible to operate the POS software from a home computer?


Is it possible to transfer my data present on a current POS to a new POS software system?

Yes, it is possible if the current software that you have been using can export customer and inventory details. However, each and every case would need to be evaluated individually.

If the user is not computer-proficient, can they operate this software easily?

The pharmacy software is user-friendly and flexible that anyone can run effortlessly by only having basic knowledge about computers.

Is any training provided by the software company?

The software is intuitive and user-friendly that users can start using them even without any training, but still the training sessions and a demo are provided until the time users get satisfied.

Does the company give a demonstration prior to the purchase?

Yes, the software company offers a free on site and also online demonstration, so that the user can determine whether the software is the right fit for them or not.

Does this software provide various management reports and summaries?

Yes, the users can receive the Daily sales Report, Drug Usage Summary, best seller Report, Profit and loss Report, drug expiry Report amongst many others.

Can users keep a track of all their transactions and see their analysis with the help of the software?

Of course, with the help of this software users can easily keep a track of all their transactions.

What kind of support does the software company provide?

The software providing company aims to address each and every grievance of the client.

What is the support request’s turnaround time?

The company addresses all the grievances immediately. Sometimes due to its criticality,the time may vary.

Futuresoft Technologies LTD provides a useful questionnaire, which you can use to upkeep your POS purchase. It includes all of the detailed questions you will need to ask yourself about a specific POS system, which is a great way to verify that the specific software, if applicable, will meet your business needs. Schedule Your Free Demo for POS Software today!

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