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Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management Software is developed to address different pharmaceutical work on a daily basis. Pharmacy software can be a standardized identification mix, robotic filling, stock management, POS, and enterprise management. Pharmacy Software must deal with the most intricate circumstances like virtual stock management as well.

PHARMACARE is a Pharmacy Management Software Solution specifically designed to manage your pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical stocks and expiry dates. It provides a comprehensive solution for retail pharmacies the best inventory and accounts management system with an un-matched modular solution with powerful tools. Moreover, it takes care of each and every requirement of your Pharmacy’s operations.

PHARMACARE is built for quick implementation, ease-of-use, and inventory accuracy. PHARMACARE not only addresses the problems associated with paper-based systems and Excel files but also provides inherent business collaboration by leveraging the PMS system across a Pharmacy.

PHARMACARE is delivered as a desktop/client-server application that does not require much technical assistance. Unlike other applications, PHARMACARE has a simple and easy user interface which makes learning the application simple and straight-forward. It is suitable for Pharmacists operating both Retail and Wholesale businesses.

Best Pharmacy Software Benefits includes greater inventory tracking and accuracy, less Paperwork, better reporting functionalities and expiry tracking etc. Contact us for FUMAS HR and its benefits and attributes!

Key Features Of Pharmacy Software includes faster inventory turns, to expire items listing date range, reduction in inventory paperwork, improved labour productivity, improved reorder levels and ordering, manage Batch traceability & Shelf Life and make sure you select the right software for your growing business.

Looking forward to developing an efficient Pharmacy Management Software for your business? Let’s Futuresoft Technologies LTD offers the list of key features, functionalities and benefits of Pharmacy Software. Schedule your demo for PHARMACARE today!

Pharmacy Management System


  • Faster inventory turns-reduce lead times by limiting inventory movement and improving the accuracy of inventory records.
  • To Expire items listing date range-System is able to show to drugs that are about to Expire and also Sells using First Expiry First Out.
  • Improved reorder levels and ordering-capture relevant data (e.g., frequency of movement, stock locations, etc.) to systematically schedule reorders.
  • Manage Batch traceability & Shelf Life- Receiving, Moving & selling of Stock uses Batch.
  • Provision of Timetable-(Block and teachers timetable).
  • Provision of integrated library module.
  • Provision of fully integrated stock/Inventory control system.
  • Product best seller report
  • Debtors aging analysis
  • Suppliers aging analysis
  • List of received/ issued postdated cheque
  • Provision of a standard accounts reports.
  • Provision of Fully integrated accounting system
  • Security Features
  • Per Module level password protected user access.
  • Create multiple users with restricted modification & Access.
  • Maintain log of any activity in the system recorded by date and time.
  • Backup and Restore
  • Day wise automatic backup

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