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Features Of Fleet Management Software

If you are looking forward to a business that relies on vehicles to provide satisfying services to its customers, managing them without the perfect fleet maintenance software is practically impossible. There are various Features Of Fleet Management Software to simplify the tasks.

1. Boost Competence:

FUMAS24 helps improve efficiency. This software is meant to streamline the company’s management and cost estimation of vehicle assets. An FMS maintains workload forecasting, maintenance procedures and all sorts of scheduling repair.

2. Manage Journey Logs /Trips:

All journey logs/trips is well keyed into the system which helps to know the productivity of the truck. This trips eventually used in generation of invoices.

3. Fuel Efficiency:

Every trip is connected with a route, which have default fuel assigned to it. Any additional fuel is approved by higher level.

4. Tyre Management:

All journey logs/trips is well keyed into the system. This becomes the base for kilometers to be used in calculation of tyrecpk. Tyres inspection is also well maintained into the system.

5. Historical Reporting:

An Automated software makes it much easier and much more accurate to manage things than relying on what someone retrieves and what was done to a vehicle or a piece of equipment.

6. Integration with Finance:

Fully Integration with finance module is the key to the best management system. Fumas24 is well integrated to encompass all areas in a fleet company

7. Vehicle documents Expiry:

With Fumas24 documents and licenses are well maintained into the software. Their expiry is well maintained with automated alerts.

8. Documents management:

The system allows management of documents for staff and vehicles. It facilitates renewal tracking and alerts by giving alert emails to the responsible personnel days before their expiry.

Coordinating fleet vehicles is not easy without a reliable central system. Also, one can save lots of money and perform all the major tasks in minimal time using this software. To know more, find the Benefits Of Fleet Management Software.

Fleet Management Software can be a game changer for any business with a fleet that requires maintenance. If you are considering creating Fleet Management System, consider Futuresoft Technologies LTD. Contact us to Schedule A Free Demo of our Fleet Maintenance Management software today.

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