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Features Of Aviation Management Software

    Find the Features Of Aviation Management Software include flight and duty records, safety etc. Our FUMAS 360 have the best feature for scheduling aircraft management which includes charter quotes, flight logs and crew scheduling etc. So compare the Best Aviation Maintenance Software of 2019 for your business!

  • Charter Quotes – quick, all-inclusive trip quotation (aircraft costs, catering and crew expenses) for a specified itinerary for all the aircraft types in the system. Automatically imports and exports quote requests. Accommodates all the aircraft costs such as landing, handling and parking fees. Lists quotes for all aircraft, sorted by cost, showing margin for each.
  • Flight Logs – tracks flight log entries, expenses, aircraft and crew records. Enables complete tracking of crew flight and duty times. Flight log posting updates aircraft and crew log books. Meets requirements for electronic recordkeeping.
  • Crew Scheduling – shows a list of only those qualified in the selected position for the specified type of aircraft. Shows crew flights and duty times, days worked over a specified period.
  • Calculations of fuel burn and distance
  • Define maintenance requirements for specific aircraft type, including inspections, components, AD’S, and SB’S.
  • Perform maintenance scheduling for each aircraft based on predefined maintenance schedules.
  • Track of scheduled, unscheduled maintenance and deferred maintenance.
  • Mireps/pireps.
  • Reliability module which helps in tracking fleet performance and utilization.
  • Job card tracking.
  • Components tracking.
  • Calculate engine oil consumption.
  • Component and Defect analysis.
  • Stocks module involves parts receiving, issuing, ordering , requisition and tracking of movements
  • Before we look at the Aviation Management Software Products, let’s find some of the Things To Consider Before Choosing Aviation Management Software!

    Futuresoft Technologies LTD offers the fully-integrated modular functionality that collectively spans the full spectrum of Aviation Management Software and provides the best Features Of Aviation Management Software to make business operations can be done quickly and seamlessly!

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