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Aviation Management Software FAQs

Aviation Management Software FAQs are to find out about software implementation, setup process, pricing, reviews etc. Our Frequently Asked Questions will answer Aviation Management System Metrics, Charter Itinerary Costs, Real-Time Data, and Maintenance Scheduling etc.

Q: Why is Aviation Management System important?

An Aviation Management System will ensure that pilots, ground operators and anyone who is linked to the aviation department have access to the real-time information about health, safety, and condition of the aircraft and crew members.

Q: How charter itinerary costs are calculated by FUMAS360?

The software stores the required information in a database about the cost (both fixed and variable) associated with a particular itinerary. It is made to sync with the source for the latest updated price of items like fuel, landing, and parking fees. Manual logs are also available. When you select a destination, it will find out the available itineraries and calculate the cost, travel time, and other factors for each itinerary, making it easier for pilots and management team to finalize a preferred itinerary.

Q: What is real-time data?

All data is automatically saved in real time, so staffs will always have access to the most current and up-to-date information. The reports can be accessed on the company owner’s laptop, desktop or hand-held device from any location.

Q: What metrics can the FUMAS360 track?

Besides itinerary costs, the software is capable of tracking flight logs including expenses, aircraft location, and crew expenses, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules and requirements, job cards, and fleet performance. Other metrics can be created by users and the software will track them accordingly.

Q: What is maintenance scheduling?

Users can pre-define maintenance requirements for each aircraft type which includes inspection, AD’s, SB’s, and special components, and the software will remind the crew members of the same.

Q: Are the aviation management system metrics reliable?

Our software is perfected to display the most accurate numbers and stats each and every time. The data is received directly from the aircraft and manual logs. Any suspicious metric is notified to team leads or admins.

Q: How many team members can use the software simultaneously?

Any number of users. It is made for both small and large carriers.

Q: Can my team use it alongside other accounting softwares?

Yes. It is highly integrable and compatible with top softwares in the market which ensures seamless flow of data, however, the system has state of the art accounting module

Q: Is a free trail/demo offered?

Yes, upon request.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the product?

FUMAS360 team will rework with the aircraft team till 100% client satisfaction is achieved. However, in some rare occasions, if a client is still not satisfied after the rework, a refund can be requested and calculated as per the contact.

Consideration of aircraft operations, including inspection, maintenance, and repair are the Things To Consider While Selecting Aviation Management Software.Find the Integrated Aviation Management System for your Aircraft Management with Futuresoft Technologies Ltd!




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